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Hello, good evening y'all!.
the day before yesterday I've finished saving money for the level 19 ****** (don't know how the item is named in english, but you migth know which one I'm talking about), so that nigth I bougth it, the golden mimis were collected and the item name in the mission was green wich means I've certanly bougth it.
But to complete the mission I need to put it in the cage and save it, but when I searched for the item I couldn't find it anywhere, I'm sure I checked ever category! and the next day and also today I still  can't find it.
If you could help me out and see if there's any bug so I don't have to save GM's again to buy another *** (and possibly lose another one too), I would be immensely thankful  /static/images/forum/smilies/coeur.gif

Thank you in advance! and  sorry for any bothering  /static/images/forum/smilies/ham-goutte.gif

edit/update: I just bougth another ***, it is gone too, I this really won't work :')

update(2): another ****, nothing...

Edit moderator/ the both you bought are in your inventory : animal section  !

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