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#1 Le 03-10-2021 à 20h43

!! Bienvenue !!
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Hello and welcome to the help topic!

These guidelines will help you get better answers and everybody else to help you as well. 

Please :

• Look or try to solve a problem before asking your questions.
• Be polite and follow rules of etiquette, Many people who play this are French and not saying hello is considered rude.
• Be as specific as you can in your problem.
• If you get an error message of any kind be sure to include it.
• A screen shot of the problem (sometimes the step just before the problem appears) is often INCREADIBLY helpful to resolving your problem. 
• Be patient with us to respond to your message. 

Please do not :

• Make challenge requests
• Flood the forum with the same topic.
• Redirect players to another topic (unless the question is 'Where can I find this or that topic?'

• Reveal missions for levels above 10


- The words "Hello", "Please" and "Thank you" are not optional.
- Keep content in the language of the forum section (this one should be English).  Feel free to use Google translate.
- The bugs encountered must be reported here (or the French help channel) giving as much information as possible as well as a screenshot.  This is how the staff of the game finds bugs and system issues.

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#2 Le 10-10-2021 à 18h33

Nouveau Membre
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I've been having problems logging in cromimi on my computer for about a month. I can log in on my phone without any problems though, and I use the correct password, so I'm really lost as to why it doesn't work, even more so since I had no such problems before. I tried to log in lots of time but without success.
I rarely use my phone for games and I prefer my computer, so it's kinda annoying to me. Does anyone please have a solution or explication?
Thank you in advance for your kind help! /static/images/forum/smilies/ham-larme.gif

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#3 Le 10-10-2021 à 21h40

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Hi Yejun!

I opened a new topic to answer your questions, here in order to make it more visible! /library/php/forum/views/smilies/wink.png

To anyone who needs help in the future, please go ahead and create a new topic by simply clicking on "new topic".


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